Mental health

Dancing to distract,

Mental health

Finished them!

Sending them for free for anyone who wants one.
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Making key rings!

I’m keeping busy and making key rings for anyone in the uk struggling. Bringing a bit of positivity to these uncertain times!

I’m going to be giving them away completely for free!

💕 Spreading some love! 💕

Just message me your address and I will send you one. Xx

Mental health mental health blogger

First week in lock down.

I’ve been told this isn’t much difference to the life I gave myself before hand, but actually it is!

I used to go to mind groups, farm therapy, appointments with my care team, over to visit my family when ever I wanted too, that’s not the case now.

I know people keep saying you aren’t stuck at home your safe at home, but I don’t feel safe, I don’t feel safe from what’s going on inside my mind, or all the thoughts and difficult situations I’m now currently in.

I’m hoping this won’t last too long, I’ve heard a few dates being said and it’s a lot long than I originally thought it would be.

It’s scary too see and hear so many people getting ill and dying.

I’m scared, this is so out of my control but I’m going to try and focus on the positives…

  • Had a care plan review over video chat with my psychiatrist and cpn,
  • Did yoga with video chat,
  • Started some crafts,
  • Having more time to think and focus on my life,
  • Having time to tidy,
  • Been out for a walk,
  • Feeling like I’m finally starting to accomplish things that I’ve wanted to for ages.

So it’s not all negative here.

Later I will show you key rings I’ve made for anyone struggling. Can’t wait to share them. I’m going to be sending them completely free to anyone wanting one.

Book from the therapy farm I use to go too.
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Update. I hate this situation!

Things are confusing, there is a lot going on. I’m not sure where I am or what I am doing!

If you are in the uk you might know we are in a lock down. This causes a lot of anxiety for many different people. I’m scared. This is all new. But we can get through this.

Luckily I have some food but no set meals.

I’ve started to feel this in to set some kind of routine.

My yoga for the mind is not meeting but I got a lovely call about doing it on video call. I’m so excited it starts at 10 and gives me something to focus on. For today anyway.

My support worker called me and gave me a website where they are doing free online courses mainly about recovery and mental illness. It’s something that really interests me. I’m looking forward to have something to keep me busy.

I think this is all going to be so hard on my mental health from the lock down to personal issues!

How can I know what I want but can’t say it, how can I know what I should say and it be wrong! How can I live when I want to die!

I’m struggling I’m trying to be strong and positive but how can I when I feel like this!

I hate moaning but I also hate feeling like I’m being told I’m someone I’m not. I do not think I am manipulative but I’ve been told I am. I hate that word and I was only trying to help, I was trying do to and say the right thing for them. How is that being manipulative.

Anyway so that’s all so random and there is no plan to the blog post, sorry about that. I just had too get it all out.

Please take care! Mental health is just as important as physical health!

Mental health


I’m struggling so much.

I’m now social distancing, I’m too scared to go out, I’m scared I might be a carrier of the virus without even knowing, I don’t want to give it to anyone.

I also feel very suicidal and low.

I want to be alone but at the same time with people.

I’m really honestly truly scared!

Please someone help. I’m so low!

I don’t know what I’m going to do next!

Mental health

I can’t cope!

Seriously 😢

Mental health

Scared and alone!

All my family are self isolating together just me who is alone for 12 + weeks.


Mental health

How I’m dealing with these uncertain time’s….

I know a lot of people are panicking about the virus 🦠 and so am I but here is how I am planning to deal with it…

  • Limit news, I’m going to attempt to watch films ive recorded or Netflix, 📝
  • Avoid some social media, Facebook is just adding to my worries about the virus and giving out false information,
  • I’m stocked up for the social distancing, just enough to keep going, 🥘
  • Self soothing, face masks, feet masks, hand masks, nail varnish, body lotion, things like that,
  • Keep active, stick to doing my steps each day, do more yoga and dance, 🚶‍♀️
  • Music, Spotify, Add more liked songs and make sure I listen to it throughout the day, 🎧
  • Apps the App Store on my phone have added a section for social distancing to game and meditation! I’ve added a few and organised them in to folders,
  • Try not to harm or drink, as I know these won’t help long term, 🍹
  • Candles,
  • Work on craft projects,
  • Keep blogging, finish ones I’ve started!
  • Read books, Ive brought some new books so read them, as well as audio books, 📖
  • Use my self soothe box and lights, 💡
  • Keep in contact with family and friends via phone, FaceTime and text,
  • Cuddle my cats, brush then, play with their toys with them, 🐈
  • Practice my make up, and self pamper by doing my hair, 💄
  • Wrote to my penpals, ✍️
  • make gifts for people.

I know that’s slot now the challenge is to see whether they work.

Carer Mental health

I’m crying.

Here’s an well needed outlet…

This is the start of a new life. I’m now doing this on my own!

For years I’ve had a carer who was a family member but now he has left, this decision has been made because I’d like to have a boyfriend and family. This can’t all happen with a carer around.

I’m going to miss him I don’t know when I will see him again, and where he will be, I’m actually sad, I’m crying but I know change is hard and it needs to be done to get to the end goal of what I’d like from my life!

I need to start being more self efficient, and doing things on my own, I can’t rely on anyone to do anything for me. I’m on my own.

I feel sad and lonely but I’m not the only one in this, I’ve been the made focus of my careers life for years, this is a change for him too. We are both on out own now. I’m honestly scared but I need to stay strong, I know that’s what this is all for.

I’m also feeling more alone because due to the virus my care coordinator and support worker won’t be doing home visits for along time I’m scared I honestly am!