Mental health update

Week update.

Things are really hard right now.

I’m trying to make changes to my life, to get a boyfriend which means I loose the support of my carer.

This is terrifying. I’m really scared if I’m honest.

I’m not sure what I’m doing and if it the right thing to do.

I’ve been managing to not self harm, I’m loosing weight again which is good.

What am I doing, what am I trying to achieve!

I received this from someone on Instagram!
I’m so grateful!

There has been some positives this week…

  • Received that beautiful hand Made bracelet,
  • I drive my car,
  • I’ve managed to progress more on mums 50th birthday,
  • Going to spend time with sister and niece,
  • started to loose some weight,
  • Using my self soothe box,
  • Talking to a guy,
  • There’s more progression with my job checks,
  • I’m grateful for being able to make these positive changes and lives!

I can do this, I can live and survive this tough patch.

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