Mental health

I’m actually scared!

I’m struggling to stay away from the news but it is everywhere! Tv, Facebook, Instagram, here!

I’m so scared, I’m not really sure what’s true and not, I’m not sure what to be worried about or what to listen too or not!

I’m going to try my best to stay positive although I’m very anxious.

I’m not in isolation but I’m getting so anxious with lots of things being cancelled. I’ve got alot I can be doing at home but I’m too bored to actually get on with them!

I need to think positively but there’s so much illness and death it’s scaring me!

Stay strong my lovely people.

One reply on “I’m actually scared!”

Hey hun, you’re not alone, lots of people are struggling with all this right now. My daughter is hugely impacted with anxiety right now. Try to keep your news updates to once a day, and don’t get your info from Facebook or a paper like the sun. I use BBC. Take the advise given, keep washing your hands, try not to interact closely with others. Try to focus on things you enjoy, that might be reading, playing with your cats, do some drawing or colouring. Good luck. 💝


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