Mental health

How I’m dealing with these uncertain time’s….

I know a lot of people are panicking about the virus 🦠 and so am I but here is how I am planning to deal with it…

  • Limit news, I’m going to attempt to watch films ive recorded or Netflix, 📝
  • Avoid some social media, Facebook is just adding to my worries about the virus and giving out false information,
  • I’m stocked up for the social distancing, just enough to keep going, 🥘
  • Self soothing, face masks, feet masks, hand masks, nail varnish, body lotion, things like that,
  • Keep active, stick to doing my steps each day, do more yoga and dance, 🚶‍♀️
  • Music, Spotify, Add more liked songs and make sure I listen to it throughout the day, 🎧
  • Apps the App Store on my phone have added a section for social distancing to game and meditation! I’ve added a few and organised them in to folders,
  • Try not to harm or drink, as I know these won’t help long term, 🍹
  • Candles,
  • Work on craft projects,
  • Keep blogging, finish ones I’ve started!
  • Read books, Ive brought some new books so read them, as well as audio books, 📖
  • Use my self soothe box and lights, 💡
  • Keep in contact with family and friends via phone, FaceTime and text,
  • Cuddle my cats, brush then, play with their toys with them, 🐈
  • Practice my make up, and self pamper by doing my hair, 💄
  • Wrote to my penpals, ✍️
  • make gifts for people.

I know that’s slot now the challenge is to see whether they work.

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