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First week in lock down.

I’ve been told this isn’t much difference to the life I gave myself before hand, but actually it is!

I used to go to mind groups, farm therapy, appointments with my care team, over to visit my family when ever I wanted too, that’s not the case now.

I know people keep saying you aren’t stuck at home your safe at home, but I don’t feel safe, I don’t feel safe from what’s going on inside my mind, or all the thoughts and difficult situations I’m now currently in.

I’m hoping this won’t last too long, I’ve heard a few dates being said and it’s a lot long than I originally thought it would be.

It’s scary too see and hear so many people getting ill and dying.

I’m scared, this is so out of my control but I’m going to try and focus on the positives…

  • Had a care plan review over video chat with my psychiatrist and cpn,
  • Did yoga with video chat,
  • Started some crafts,
  • Having more time to think and focus on my life,
  • Having time to tidy,
  • Been out for a walk,
  • Feeling like I’m finally starting to accomplish things that I’ve wanted to for ages.

So it’s not all negative here.

Later I will show you key rings I’ve made for anyone struggling. Can’t wait to share them. I’m going to be sending them completely free to anyone wanting one.

Book from the therapy farm I use to go too.

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