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No wonder I can’t trust.

All my life I’ve been betrayed. When I was younger my parents used to look through my diary without my permission, that’s the one place. I used to feel able too express how I was feeling until that got taken away from me then it was my phone behind my back then used as a punishment, then my school work. I only found out about some of these because there are photo copies of my diary and school work in my mental health records when I requested them. I now have photo copies of everything my parents did behind my back. No wonder I don’t feel I can be honest or open up to anyone.

I can not trust anyone. Every time I think I can, I find out I can’t.

Then when I had my own place my cousin would go through my phone. I only found out one night because Siri accidentally went off. I mean how wrong is that. I thought I could trust him.

I did a poll on my Instagram and 54 people said it’s not ok! I think that says it all.

So next time someone says why can’t you trust anyone! Here is why.

I hate that it will effect me for the rest of my life.

I know I need to get past the anger and move on but HOW?

I don’t know how to. I’ve been betrayed my whole life and now I have to live in fear of my privacy always being taken away from me.

Any ideas of how to get feelings and emotions out when you have no privacy?

By the way yes I’m an adult and it still happens!

3 replies on “No wonder I can’t trust.”

Bless you 😦
I wish I could help you.
I know it’s wrong, nothing excuses it, but what was the reasoning behind going through your personal stuff?
I can’t really explain it, not sure how to, but with luck you’ll come to a point where you realise that by holding on to the hurt and the anger, the only person who is affected is you. If you ever realise this, you will also be able to realise that by letting go of this, the only person who benefits is you. At that point (and I so hope it happens for you) you can start to allow yourself to live your life and a more positive way.

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Thank you, just because I wasn’t telling them everything, but I think I have a right to some secrets.
I need to let go I know, I feel a lot better today so hopefully it can be a fresh start. Letting go of the past. Xxxx

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