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Contacted my support worker, and out come!

So yesterday I was struggling. I texted my support worker to tell her I was struggling. She called me when she could and we had a good chat. I have a good contection with her that I feel able to be honest.

But she said she needed to speak to someone who might be able to have a chat with me, I wasn’t too happy with that because I don’t have many good relationship with the adult mental health team.


This time was different a lady called me and we had a chat, I gave my usual answers of I’m ok, I will be fine but she continued to keep talking too me, asking the right questions so that I was able to give her some information.

In the end we had a good chat and she is calling me again today, it’s good to know I’ve got support even though currently have no care co ordinator or face to face visits because of the covid-19.

Thank you for the time and support from that member of the mental health team.

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