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How do I deal with lock down on my own!

I’m completely alone, and I’m scared and bored.

All I do is look through my phone by the end of this i will have phone prints on my hands.

I’m scared it’s scary dealing with all this uncertainty on your own,

I’m bored what should I do?

I have so much I could do but how do I get the motivation to actually do it????

I feel I’m not doing enough to help others.

I can’t get out to do my own shopping and there are no delivery slots available, but luckily today my cousin has offered to do it.

Honestly so scared with this situation, I know people keep saying it’s simple all your being asked to do is stay at hone. How can I feel safe though, how can I not feel alone, how can I not escape this reality I’m living in!

Honestly the fear has got on top of me!

One reply on “How do I deal with lock down on my own!”

Stop! Deep breath! You’re feeling anxious and that’s normal and common. What I’ve found is the only way to stop the anxiety is to treat it like a little gremlin. (Mine is called Betty!). Betty needs to be metaphorically kept locked away in the shed at the bottom of the garden. From time to time she rears her head so this is what I do.
Firstly, and this works well if you’re soooo low in energy because it’s easy … empty one drawer in your home. Any room, doesn’t matter. Take everything out, give it a really good clean with whatever you have, dry it and go through all the bits and bobs in that drawer, sort them out, chuck out any rubbish and put them carefully and tidily back in. Close drawer. Then open it again and look at your wonderful work. If it helps to have the radio or the tv on then do that. What this simple task is doing is distracting our minds from ruminating. It is getting our body up and moving. We are completing a task and there will be a sense of achievement from this. You WILL feel better. Whilst we cannot control what is going on outside our homes, we can control our bodies and minds and what we do in this weird time.
This is the perfect time to clean drawers, sort out cupboards, clean the oven, go through clothes, make plans for the future, google anything and everything we’re interested in. The time is right now! Start small. Start with one small drawer ..
Makeup drawer, kitchen drawer, anything. You can do this and you are the one who is responsible for giving your brain a little kick on the bottom!! Give it a go and even though your brain is wanting to stop you, your body can do it! You have absolutely nothing to lose by doing this! Katie

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