Mental health

I’m not falling for your games.

Your trying to make this all about you.

It’s not ok.

The world goes around and your not the only one on it.

I on I s I’m not the only one too but I’m not the one who makes people feel so rubbish just to get some more power!

Please be more respectful!

Mental health

Rainbows 🌈

Two rainbows, (no filter needed!)

Mental health work

Work update!

I’m so pleased to be writing this blog post, I’ve gone from 6 years of so much struggling with my mental health to job in full time work!

I did my first full week of work and it was amazing. I’ve learnt so much,

I’ve done epilepsy training and safeguarding training, also lots of e training!

I’ve met the younge people and they are so lovely,

I’m a residential support worker for children with autism. And I’m so proud i got to this stage in my life to help others.

I will be doing other blog posts about…

  • Benifits to work,
  • Mental health management,
  • Dealing with your mental health team,
  • Stress management,
  • List of things I do before going to work and what’s in my bag,
  • Dealing with colleagues,
  • Scars and working,
  • There are no limits to your future!
Mental health

I’m going to deal with this alone!

I can do this,

I don’t need to call anyone,

I don’t need to reach out,

I can deal with the emotions this brings up alone,

I’m strong.

I can do this!

Mental health

I hate being told what I can and can’t do with my life, but why do I need reassurance and someone to decide for me?

I think this all goes back to my upbringing,

It was really really tough

Even now all my sister rely on my mum we have too. I do if too, but I don’t want to any more and I’m going to break the cycle!

I’m getting my own life that doesn’t need to be controlled by anyone!

I’m moving in with my life and I hope I can inspire the girls to do that too!

We got this. I got this!

I’m more than being told what I can and can’t write on a message, I need to think for myself and not need reassurance from anyone.

I will a job and I will have a dragon as a pet if I want too.

Im an adult I can’t make the mistakes and achievements in my life and own them. Being responsible!

I don’t care if she is taking the ckntrol and not showing me the letter, what will it change by reading it.

I don’t think I’m cutting them off I think I am just taking control of my life. I will decide what energy I allow in my life!

Mental health

Meet my new family member!

Welcome stitch (titch) to my family.


A family member was rehome Stitch (titch) a Rankins dragon.

He is perfect, so cuddly and calming.

I was so brave with picking him up and cleaning out his home. And dealing with bugs.

But I will do it for him. He is perfect.

Mental health

First shopping trip since lockdown!

I did it.

The last shopping trip I made to the supermarket was in February 2020.

It was horrible and so confusing, this is when the one way systems care in and all the rules and changes. It caused a panic attack.

I hadnt been in to a shop since then.

But on Sunday. I did it. I went to a shop with support from a family member.

It was still scary but I did it. I felt so good walking out of that shop !

I got some cool things,

Blackjack ice lollies, galaxy bed sheets and an alpaca charging lead.

Mental health

Cbd bath

I had a bath with cbd!

It was amazing!

I feel so relaxed now. So calm, my body is so smooth and my mind is free!

Mental health

Having a bad body image day!

I feel like I look like and elephant.

My legs are huge and shaped with fat.

My tummy is bloating and tight in my jeans.

My face is ugly.

My arms wobble,

I’m just so misshapen and disgusting!

Mental health update

Been discharged a week, what have I been up too…

So today marks a week out of inpatient.

I’m so glad I’m home.

I thought it was going to be a lot easier than I’ve actually found it.

I’ve been very lonely and started to use old coping mechanisms.

Today is the first day I’ve felt in control.

So I’ve worked through my todo list, and now I’m having a bath, and listening to my favourite songs.

I’m starting to look after my appearance.

My job has moved a lot further, both references are done and the occupational health assessment has been done. I’m waiting for the report of that to come back and then a start date.

I’m scared in case it doesn’t happen and go through because of my mental health but I feel 100% ready to do this job.

I’ve seen my family this week, which I will admit has been pretty stressful, but it was still nice to see them.

I’ve been the the animal therapy farm and had a cuddle with a ducklings. I had an amazing time.

I’ve started to work on loosing weight and getting healthy.

It’s been so lovely seeing and BBC spending time with my cats.

So overall I think things are going ok and I can’t wait to start living not just surviving!