Mental health work

Work update!

I’m so pleased to be writing this blog post, I’ve gone from 6 years of so much struggling with my mental health to job in full time work!

I did my first full week of work and it was amazing. I’ve learnt so much,

I’ve done epilepsy training and safeguarding training, also lots of e training!

I’ve met the younge people and they are so lovely,

I’m a residential support worker for children with autism. And I’m so proud i got to this stage in my life to help others.

I will be doing other blog posts about…

  • Benifits to work,
  • Mental health management,
  • Dealing with your mental health team,
  • Stress management,
  • List of things I do before going to work and what’s in my bag,
  • Dealing with colleagues,
  • Scars and working,
  • There are no limits to your future!

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