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Today is the day, clozapine day 1.

So today is the day it’s coming up to 8am and I’m awake after a broken night sleep.

Honestly, I’m terrified. I think I’m starting on 12.5mg, and quetiapine reduced to 950mg and diazepam to 2mg.

I’m at the local mental health hospital 9:30 to I think 4:30. It’s going to be a long day with hourly checks, like blood pressure. Not sure what else.

I’m going to get up and ready, I will try to keep an up to-date daily blog post on clozapine and how it’s going.

Please keep me safe, Rosie xxx

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Had an exhausting day.

Got up and didn’t weigh myself, but since then weighed myself with clothes and trainers on and I weighed what I did the other day, so in my head that means I’ve lost weight. Will weigh myself tomorrow morning and update. I’ve got 20lbs to loose till I get to my goal weight. Not too far off now, really need to put the extra effort in. 

I did a bit of cleaning and tidying. And spent time brushing the cats, I try and do it every week and they love it. Bless them. Had a move around in the front room and it looks better now. Definitely cleaner. 

Received a parcel and really pleased with it, it’s for my sister who’s about to give birth it’s a bag with some essentials in for the birth, hope she likes it, haven’t managed to give it her yet. Also done a list of everything she could need, hopefully it helps. 

Also harmed again. And actually got a feeling from it this time, I feel satisfied with what I’ve done. 

I tried to tip my vodka down the sink but I couldn’t. So it’s still in my cupboard but going to try not to drink it. 

Done a fair bit of exercise, and toning. I really want to start to love my body. Found a dress I want for my goal weight. 

Looking forward to bed, I’m looking forward to sleep. 

Hope you’ve all had a lovely day. XxX 

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I know off my usual topics… what goes in a maternity bag for giving birth? 

I don’t really know what is needed in a bag to take in to hospital when you go in to labour. I’ve seen lots of on line pages, but want your opinion… what is a definite need? And what will be in the way? 

I’m not pregnant myself but I’m doing this for my sister, who is due in 35 days but has not packed a bag. So I’m helping her out. 

Thanks in advance. Happy for you to email me on

Best wishes. XxX