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I Visited a therapeutic farm.

Today I visited a therapeutic farm with my support worker with the view of going there to help my anxieties, self esteem and confidence.

It was amazing, they had alpacas which were my favourite.Along with lots of other animals.

The lady showing us around was so supportive and answered my questions that were a whole A4 page.

She said that the therapy while being there will be working with the animals, grooming them, dressing them up as unicorns, (which the ponies love) reading while being with them, stroking them, cleaning up after them, walking them around the fields and also arts and crafts.

It’s truly the perfect place for me.

I hope I get the funding to go there I think I will get so much out of it.

I was going to cancel going there today because I was so anxious. I’m glad I didn’t cancel and my support worker said she would have knocked on my door, so I had to go.

I was so anxious but I DID IT!

Animals Mental health

Beautiful alpaca

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Alpaca cookies for my Niece. Thank

Animals Mental health

Alpaca merchandise.

I got these beautiful alpaca things when I went to visit an alpaca farm. They had 103 alpacas.

I love alpacas so much.

I was very lucky to be able to feed them and stroke them. They were so friendly.

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Feed alpacas yesterday.

Yesterday I went to a place in the uk that has 103 alpacas.

I love alpacas.

I fed them and they were so friendly.

It was a brilliant experience that I won’t forget.

I then went for a walk in a forest and saw an oak tree that was 500 years old.

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Alpaca trip.

Went to a local farm and they had alpacas, they are one of my favourite animals.

They were really friendly, apart from spitting on my carer.

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Alpaca farm

I’m in love with alpacas, they seem so beautiful and friendly,