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Friday 13th update. 🐓 🦙

This is my chicken I caught and named.

Today I stepped things up a notch.

I drove to anormal therapy. That’s the first time, so I went from support worker taking me then carer, then taxi then bus now I’m free to drive myself there!

Little steps all count. It all adds up to positive changes.

I’m quite proud of myself if I’m honest.

My dad said he was proud of me too, that meant so much too me!

Recovery is worth it, things are going well but of course there are tough times but I can do this. I know I can!

💫 I’m going to do this! 💫

Alpaca 🦙 from therapy!
alpaca Animals Mental health mental health blogger Therapy

Made this for my animals therapy.

What do you think?

Animals Cats Pets

All three cats.

Tinker bell.




Cute sheep 🐑

Look at that beautiful wool.

Animals Mental health Therapy

Therapy dog came to the ward.

This is a throw back to last year when they brought a therapy dog in to the ward.

She was so lovely.

Animals Mental health mental health blogger Therapy

On my way to animal therapy!

I’ve got this!

I can do this!

I’m brave!

I hope today does ok I haven’t been for a few sessions! I’m really anxious and scared!

But I can do this. I know I will get some benefit from it.

Animals Anxiety Mental health Therapy

New challenge!

Today I’m off to animal therapy in a taxi instead of my carer taking me!

I do not feel I can do it! I’m so scared. How can I do it?

How do I get through the panic.

I’m scared about being alone, scared of being in public especially on my own.

I’m scared they will be late or I will be late, or too early!

What if it goes wrong!

What if I harm,

What it the edges to jump out get too high,

What if I have to talk what if it goes wrong

But my dear what if it goes RIGHT!!!

I’m going to try! Xxx

I can do this.

Fear will not get the better of me!


Fun at the farm!



alpaca Animals Mental health Therapy

Today’s animal farm Antiks. 🐰🦙🐃

I started with eye drops for one of the alpacas.

Then got them all out for a feed then brushed

  • Tina,
  • Coconut,
  • Lamarl.

I kept some of there wool we hitch I’m going to add to the sketches I’m going to do if them!

Then this afternoons I cleaned out the goats, guini pigs and rabbit and then I got the straw ready for the weekend!

I was called chief alpaca groomer and I got a real contact!

Today has been a good day, but very tiring!

I’m looking forward to bed! 🛌