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Photos are now allowed.

My sister wasn’t allowing me any photos with my niece but after dropping her phone down the toilet and loosing all her daughters photos from birth we are now allowed photos.

Shame she had to learn the hard way.

I guess I feel there is less tension between us all. Now that it can just be relaxed and normal.

Mental health

One month until due date.

One month until my sisters due date. Hoping and praying it all goes okay. She has said to me she thinks it might be early, has a feeling. Who knows, let’s just hope it all goes okay. Very proud of her. ❤

Mental health

Not long until I will be an auntie. 

I have so many feelings about this. I’m really looking forward to a niece or nephew, and my sister becoming a mum. I think she will be great. 

I’m worried though because I don’t want her to be in pain but without the pain she can’t give birth. 

I also feel that as the oldest sister I should have had a baby first, but weighing up the life i have, it would be extremely difficult for me to have a baby, I can’t fully look after myself yet. 

Baby is in the right position, but got 42 days till due date. 

I have also set myself my own goals to be achieved before baby arrives, which were around weight loss, because I want to look nice in the photos when baby arrives. ( I don’t care if that sounds big headed) I want to look back at the photos and not be 100% ashamed with how I look.