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A place near where I live. 

Yesterday went for a walk after visiting my brother and my nans grave. And walked up the road to find this beautiful waterfall and trees, my cousin told me that my Nan use to fish here. 

It was so beautiful and so close to my brother and Nan, I can’t believe I hadn’t been there before. 

I’m definitely visiting again. 

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Today’s adventure. 15.4.17

Waterfall in wales.

Mental health


Spring is finnally here.

In my head this means, there will be flowers poping up everywhere, it will look beautiful and fresh.

I’m looking forward to nights and mornings being brighter with day light, along with the warmer weather. No longer going out side and frezzing.

I love driving past all the fields seeing all the tiny newborn lambs, it’s really special to see such a beautiful season, with fluffy lambs.

There’s nothing better than waking up and it being light outside, and going for nice long walks, I doesn’t matter where to walk because every where is so beautiful.

What do you look forward to about spring?