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My blog is now .com

I feel like this is a brilliant improvement!

31 day blog challenge Mental health

Day 24- Why I have Dylan

Dylan if you don’t know is my silicone baby boy, I treat him like a real baby, feed, change and cuddle him.

I’ve had a reborn doll since I got my first payment for work, I guess about 9 years ago. As soon as I could work at 15 I did. But now I have Dylan I got him a few months ago. I’ve completely feel in love with him.

I love him so much, he gives me comfort, confidence and love.

I’m a very anxious person and Dylan calms me just by cuddling. He gives me the confidence to go out in public, this is difficult due to my mental illnesses. And I feel love from him.

I have him because I’ve always wanted a baby but I don’t think I will cope with a real baby due to my illnesses and medication. He has no needs and he doesn’t rely on me to live, but I still get the love from him and comfort of a baby.

I also lost my brother to a miscarriage and I feel responsible for his death, I think by having Dylan it gives me some comfort and feel closer to my brother.

This is Dylan.

Mental health

Day 23- Why do I blog

It helps me to vent my thoughts and feelings.

I want to help and eventually inspire people who are going through similar or the same situation.

I want to give people a voice and make mental illness less of a stigma.

Your not alone.

31 day blog challenge Mental health

Day 22- Why I started my blog

I started my blog to let out what I’m going through and how I feel, also with this I’m hoping that I’m able to help others.

The first blog posts were introducing myself and my illnesses. And later found that I was just writing about days out and delusions. But with this I’ve received comments where I’ve managed to connect with people. Also the likes and follows mean so much to me so thank you.

I’m sorry if you can relate to my posts about mental illness because I can sympathise how hard it is or can be to cope day to day.

Mental health

1000 likes, thank you. 

Today I received 1,000 likes on my blog. To me this is amazing. 

I set up this blog up to vent and help people but my blog is so much more it’s helping me with my recovery and connecting me with people similar to me and with similar illnesses/ problems, which is an opportunity I wouldn’t have without my blog. It’s one of the best things I’ve done. 

Thank you for your support! 

Mental health

Do I do too many posts? 

Be honest, what do you want to see? 

More or less posts?

What do you want the posts to be about?

What interest you about my blog?

Would you like my blog to be more of a support for yourself and others or me expressing my experiences? 

Long or short posts?

What tags and categories are best, which do you prefer? 

Any help and support will be great, I want to make the most of this blog and also for others to make the most of the blog.

Originally I had done the blog to use as a diary, but as times gone on I’m blogging about all different kind of things, things that are and that aren’t mental health related. 

What’s best?