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Feeling unwell.

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Is this low blood pressure and High pulse anything to worry about?

I’m worried I’m feeling so unwell.

Is this blood pressure too low?

Is my pulse too high?

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Blood pressure clozapine

I normally have low blood pressure but since being on clozapine it’s getting lower. I’m not sure if it’s the medication or not drinking enough.

Yesterday they stopped it going any higher, so stuck on 50mg instead of the plan of 75mg this weekend.

I’ve noticed when I drink water my blood pressure stays in a more normal reading.

Yesterday it was so low they couldn’t get s reading and I was feeling faint.

I hope today’s readings are better and I don’t feel like when my blood pressure goes low.

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Day 5. Clozapine 27.10.17

Today I was meant to be in 75mg but my blood pressure is too low so we are sticking to 50mg until Monday.

I’m really annoyed at this. I should have drank more water. But also maybe I should just accept that my body is struggling a little bit.

I’m going to try to keep strong.

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Update from weekend. 

Had a busy weekend. Helped someone out and enjoyed it. Also had a really tough time, with some of my thoughts and behaviours. 

My blood pressure went low a few times. Made me feel really unwell. I spoke to my care co-ordinator, go, duty go, and nurse all today. Had my blood pressure done at gp’s and it was only a little low, and also had my bloods taken for a full blood count. Waiting on results. I think it’s due to my medication being upped but it could also be my anemia. Hopefully will be able to fix it soon. 

I’m also with my family at the moment, it’s nice spending time with them. Got a banging head ache.