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At the beach for a break!

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What to do this weekend?

Well the weekend is nearly over but I had s Good one.

Visited and stayed by the sea overnight in the uk.

There’s sprinkles of ice over the fields.

The sea was beautiful, it rained nearly the whole time here, and wasn’t able to see the seas due to clouds. But it was a lovely break away.

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I’m trying to be a bit more independent so carer can have a break.

At the moment, I need constant support and help. I rely on my carer for near enough everything. He doesn’t get a break. 

We’ve tried before him going out to do something he enjoyed but I made that difficult because I’d use it as an opportunity to harm, which I did. This has then lead him not to have this time to him self. I feel bad and guilty about this. I don’t think it’s fair that I rely on him so much, that he can’t even have a few minutes to him self. I’m a difficult person. 

But the plan is to come up with a solution so that my carer can have an hour or so to him self. I think that will be great for him to have a break, and good for me to try and be a bit more independent and less needy. 

I’m hoping we can get to the stage soon, where he can have his own time. Just need to work out how. 

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Weekend away

Went for a weekend away. To somewhere we’d never been. It was me and my carer. It’s his birthday next week so I planned for us to go somewhere nice. It was nice. Where we stayed was a 5 minute walk to in he beach.

When we go away, sometimes something bad happens, but not this time. Which is good for both of us. 

We watched the sunset over the beach which was so nice. 

We put our feet in the sea, as we do when ever we go to a beach. But it was so frezzing, the coldest I’ve ever felt. It felt like it was burning it was so cold. 

 I achieved some good things while we were away, with eating, no harming, taking the correct medication without a fight, and I organised it mostly myself. All things to be proud of.