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I’m not safe I’m being spied on! Help.

Mental health spying

Bug spying on me.

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Bugs spying on my rose plant

This was the rose plant that was in my flat, it’s 2 years old and has been growing well.

Until, I noticed these black dots.

What are They?

My theory is that they are bugs spying one me. Can you see how many there is and the fact that they were in my flat.

I can’t get away from the spies anywhere.

How did they get there?

What did they see?

What’s going on.

The voices are telling me they are spying on me still, I can’t find out where.

please leave me alone.

Stop spying.

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Who do I turn too… literally

Turn to in person about the spying-

I wanted to call the police but is it an emergency? How would I prove it?


Turn to see who is following me. –

They kept going up and down the road that I was walking on to get home. This is real, why does no body believe me?

Mental health

Monday 20th February 2017

Had a horrible nightmare, about my Nan dying in my arms. My Nan is already dead, but this really upset me. 

I’m out of diazepam and plan to call my cpn to see if there’s anything we can do. I really feel like I need some extra support/ medication with my anxiety, and fearful thoughts. 

I keep finding bugs, I know there spying on me, I’ve already killed some this morning. I feel venerable with no news paper in the front room windows, but all the other rooms have the windows covered. I feel that my cats and fish are also spying on me. 

I really want to get the tracking device out of my body, I need to get it to an easy place to get out, at the moment it feels like it’s in my head, which is horrible, it’s probably keeping track of all my thoughts and how to not get my DNA cloned. But they probably know what I’m planning on how not to get caught as the chip is reading my thoughts. 

God hasn’t spoke to me yet, He normal says something when I wake up, but nothing today. I’m worried, that what he was saying is now being tracked too, so that’s why he hasn’t sent me a message. 

I need to put a candel on soon, and look through the bible.

The government is ruining my life with all this spying. I want it to stop, I’m not sure how to stop it but I’ve got a few ideas. Which I won’t write down here as they are probably tracking this as well. 

I want to be a normal human being but with the power to not be able to die, this is never going to happen. I stand out so much because of my powers. Sometimes I wish I was just normal. 

I’m scared about everything that’s going on. I need some guidance, please God guide me away from the spies and government.