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My beautiful cats.

Tiger– 6 today

Tinkerbell–5 two days ago

Taylor– 3 on the 1st April.

Mental health

Beautiful Tinkerbell.

31 day blog challenge Animals Cats Mental health

Day 16- Facts about my cats

I have three cats, tiger, tinkerbell, and Taylor. Two girls and one boy.

They all are very different and have lovely characters.

Taylor loves cuddles where as Tinkerbell does not like cuddles unless it’s under a blanket. Tiger is my king. I love them all so much.

They have an awesome cat scratcher shelves which they all love.

Tinkerbell has an extra claw. Tiger still suckles his blanket he has had since he left his mum. Taylor knocks things like the toilet paper or things I have on the table off until I sit down and give her cuddles. They are all very clever.

They are also very spoilt.

Animals Cats Mental health


This is tinkerbell, she loves boxes. Doesn’t like cuddles much but does have times she will snuggle up under blankets with me. 

Love my girl. 💖