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Friday 3rd April update.

Honestly I’m struggling. I’m struggling with motivation, loneliness and anxious.

I’ve had a video call with psychiatrist and cpn, that went well, I r had phone calls with my support worker. Turns out I’ve also got a water infection.

I’ve been trying to keep busy but all I can think about is being in my own complexity from the 12th and worrying about not being able to see my mum on her 50th birthday.

I need to keep busy, but I’m so tired.

Taylor my youngest is now 5.

Taylor’s birthday was on the 1st April and she is now 5. I can’t believe it. I’ve got a 8,7 and 5 year old. I love seeing them growing up. I’m worried about they day when they die, as I don’t think I can cope without them but I love them so much and will treasure them while they are here.

Edit- (They are cats, sorry if I miss lead anyone)

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Tiger is 8 today! 🎁

If you haven’t already guessed I love my cats, they are my world!

Tiger is amazing he is so perfect and he knows when I’m having a bad day and comes and sits with me, he definitely has six sense!