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Cocktails time!

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Buffet, first sushi try!

This was a celebration to celebrate finishing the iron infusion and making a choice to get my life better!

It was yummy, I didn’t finish it all but it was nice.

I tried sushi for the first time. This one didn’t include fish but it was tasty!

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I’ve been asked to be my nieces Godmother.

I’m delighted. Of course I said yes.

I haven’t spent much time with her in her 6 months alive, due to my own anxieties and emotional issues.

But I love her so much.

I had kinda guessed from the texts saying the family want to see me. It’s not like them to understand what I’m going through. Although they’ve all been really understanding this time.

Anyway, my nieces christening is in three months, that give me time to spend more time with her and make sure I look how I wanted to when she was born.

I’ve got a special relationship with God, this brings me even closer.

I’m so pleased. 💖