Mental health

Mind groups

I’m doing yoga and creative writing,

I’m starting yoga next week

And creative writing today!

Mental health

Mind groups

I’m doing yoga and creative writing,

I’m starting yoga next week

And creative writing today!

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British heart foundation kitty top.

This is a beautiful too, it’s from the charity shop of British heart foundation.

I love supporting charity’s and gaining a lovely t-shirt.

Mental health

Supporting Mind.

I’ve been supporting Mind the charity for the first month of 2018, by running everyday and asking family and friends to sponsor me.

I’m near to £100 so I think I’m doing great.

My plan is to carry on running for the second month of 2018. It’s the 1st February 2018, I’m planning on running and get som fresh air.

I’m feeling motivated. It will benefit me and the charity Mind.

Mental health

RED. Runs every day for Mind.

January 2018 I ran every day for raising money for mind, a mental health charity.

My sponsor ship money is nearly at my target of £100.

I’m planning on running every day this February 2018 as well.

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RED- Run every day, January for “MIND” the charity.

I saw a running event called RED. Which stands for Run Every Day. It’s to raise money for mind, the mental health charity.

I signed up for it and I’m really looking forward to giving it my best, I’ve already gained some people to sponsor me. This is a big motivator.

As you probably know I suffer with mental illness.

I suffer from emotionally unstable personality disorder, anxiety and schizophrenia. I’m currently in recovery of depression, OCD, and anorexia.

I’m raising the money by running every day so people like me are able to get support with their health.

Feel free to sponsor me or join in with the run.

31 day blog challenge Charity Mental health

Day 13- What I’ve done for charity

I’ve done a fair bit for charity.

  • Cancer research run,
  • Run for children with leukaemia
  • Clic Sargent Money pot
  • Lots of events to raise money for the two main wards that treated my sister when she was 2 and had cancer,
  • Mile a month marathon for British heart foundation,
  • Sponsoring family and friend, recently sponsored a friend for chrons and colitis.
  • Joined in with school charity events, jeans for genes,
  • Brought merchandise from charity and buy things from charity shops,
  • Plan to sky dive for charity, and the London marathon.

I’m sure there’s loads more I just can’t think of them right now. These are the main ones I remember.

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Mind hearing voices group.

I went to a group at a near by mine group, it was about hearing voices.

I was really scared that when I was in the group I could feel myself dissociating. I was able to listen to what the others was saying and it was very reassuring and also shocked me that I felt I was able to relate so much.

It was a really good group, and when I feel a bit more settled I would love to go back.

My care team had not heard of them, which I was surprised because it was a really good group.

I’d love to help in groups like that in the future.

31 day blog challenge Mental health

Day 4- People that inspire me

I feel inspired by many people, so that I don’t know.

I’m inspired of people that have physical and mental illnesses that still try to get on with there lives, because I know how much of a struggle it is.

I’m inspired by people that help others, and people that work for charities.

I’m inspired of my sisters, especially my sister who fought cancer at 2 years old. My sisters are amazing.

My carer inspires me so much he helps so many people and helps me. He stuck by me.

I’ve go so many people that inspire me, and my goals is in the future be the person that inspires you!

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Thank you for giving blood, you saved mine and my sisters life.

Giving blood is so important to saving lives, you never know when you or a relative is going to need it to save lives.

Your a hero if you give blood, it’s live saving. That makes you a hero in my eyes.

At 2 my sister was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. (Cancer.) and a blood transfusion saved her many times. So a massive thank you to you!

I’ve also needed a few blood transfusions and without them I wouldn’t be here right now writing this blog post. I thank you from my heart for saving my life.

Even though at times I’ve wanted to die, I’m still 100% grateful for you saving my life. I only had my first blood transfusion under a section, and really resisted it, but it made a massive impact to how I physically felt and then my mental health got better.

I had one a few days ago, and this has made me think about all the hero’s out there. I know I can’t give blood myself but I’m motivated to fundraise for charities and help others in any other way I can.

Im hoping that, that’s my last blood transfusion and I can help others in any possible way.

Don’t worry if you can’t give blood you can still be a hero, there are many other ways to save life’s, fundraising, donating to charity, volunteers, working on research or working for charity’s that fund research.