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🦙Alpaca with finger ink from my 12 year old sister💕

My sister was so kind to me this nearly made me cry, that she spent the time to make this for me.

She is so clever!

I’m so happy. Thank you to my gorgeous sister.


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My Mother’s Day daffodils and card from my niece as I’m her God mother.

So grateful, this means so much too me. I love my niece/ God daughter,

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Ive finished my self soothe box.

What do you think of it? All done by me!

Self soothe box done by me!

What else can I add too it?

It’s my alternative to harming, or when I am in crisis.

I’m not sure what else I can add?

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M for my brothers memorial box

I’m really proud of this M that I’ve done with glitter.

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Painted and decorated a 25 for my sisters 25th birthday!

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My niece painting.

Today my niece came over to my flat, she is just two.

She painted this E. She really enjoyed it.

I love the fact she comes over and likes being at mine, we do something crafty each time she comes over.

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My niece craft draw

My niece has started coming over to my flat when we have been to a play group together.

I brought some different activities to do together. Looking forward to Thursday when we can use them.