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Taylor’s cuddles

baby Mental health reborn

Dylan’s snuggles.

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Tiger sat on me

Animals Cats Mental health

Cuddle time

My youngest and oldest cat cuddling.

Mental health reborn

Snuggling Dylan.

My beautiful baby. Xxxx

Would you have guessed he is a doll?

Mental health Sisters

What being a big sister means to me?

I haven’t been much of a big sister too all three younger sisters. I’ve been so wrapped up in my illnesses to spend time with them and look after them.

Yesterday I had the chance to be a big sister. I did it successfully. She was so happy for my help she asked if we could do loads more things together. This terrifies me, but I will try to step up to the challenge.

I love being a big sister. There is hope. XxxX

Mental health reborn

Going to the zoo with Joshua.

Had a great weekend. I took Joshua my reborn doll too the zoo.

I don't care what other people think of this, I love him like a real baby and love spending time with him.

Had a lovely time. X

Mental health

My reborn Joshua.

Anxiety Mental health

Joshua late night cuddles.

Joshua is my gorgeous reborn, love his cuddles. 

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Cat cuddles