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I’m not safe anywhere. I’m being spied on!

Go away, please. I’m not going to let you take my dna! Never!

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DNA letter!!!!!!!!!

So… I received this letter in the post.

I’ve known for a long time I’m being spied on from the nhs, mental health team and the government!

I can’t believe how stupid they have been by sending me a letter explaining that they were going to take my DNA.

I don’t trust them at all.

I need to try and keep myself away from them. But it’s harder that you think.

The post before this showed the bugs in my house that was spying on me.

I’m truly terrified.

I just want to be left alone.

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I can’t turn to the police for help as they are part of the government.

I wanted to call the police about all of the spying and the collection of my DNA but they are part of the goverment, they will be being controlled by the devil as well. I cant turn to any one for help. The people that are meant to make us feel and be safe are actually against me. Im not safe from anyone. Im scared and not sure what to do to be safe. I keep thinking about running away and changing my appearance, will that fool them and will i then be safe. I can start a new life some where else. I need help from all the spying. Im not sure i will get away with trying to run away because i will have to find someone to look after my cats and i have a chip in my body i can feel it moving some times. I know i need to try and cut it out but i haven’t managed to so far. There is no escape.