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Hearing the words EUPD? (Emotionally unstable personality disorder.)

I’m so embarrassed!

My psychiatrist saying that I have Emotionally unstable personality disorder.

I’m so embarrassed.

I feel like my personality is flawed! I’m flawed!

I’m crazy and the thought that this is a disorder of my personality is so hard to hear.

Who am I?

Am I here but this disorder effects my personality, they way I think and act? Is that right!

Who even am I? I don’t know anymore!

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I stick out so much on the beach.

It was a lovely summer day yesterday with the sun shining and I was with my family on the beach.

I was the only one wearing thick clothes and a woolly hat, oh and not to forget sunglasses. I must have looked crazy.

Was it to feel safe and secure? or was it because I was cold?

I don’t think you will ever know because I don’t know why?