Mental health

My imaginary life.

There’s another whole life in my head.

I’m not sure if I wish this life was my life.

I don’t think you know until you’ve tried and tested it.

I can completely remove myself from here, it has all the things that I wish my life had and things I’ve got. It’s my escape when this all gets too much.

No one will ever know what it’s like. It’s my place, my life, my secret!

I’m going there now, I don’t want your life any more. I’m going to my life.

There’s no more trying to please anyone, I’m escaping.

I’m swimming in the carpet, with the man who has my best interest. I’m safe, he helps me to be safe and see all the bad things that are going on in your life. I know the spying is still going on but the man helps me to be safe, I know what to do, say and where to be. No one can hurt me in my escaping life.

We have a name. But I’m not telling you it. That could mean my life is in danger. Your not coming in to my life. You will see the blank canvas, the information has been taken out of the brain, you can no longer get any of it.

I’m not hallucinating, it’s my special place. You have no idea and that’s how it will stay!

Mental health

Breathe. Amazing magazine!

Yesterday I thought I would go and look at the magazines in my local supermarket. And I was planing on getting one about weight loss and diets, but this one was pointed out to me by my carer. It’s amazing. It’s all about wellbeing and positivity. I’ve never found a magazine so helpful. Much better than talking about diets.