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It’s not your fault your fat but it’s your responsibility to do something about it!!!!

I’ve been told this yesterday.

It really hit home that I am fat.

I let myself get like this.

I ate too much.

I drank too much alcohol.

I didn’t exercise.

I didn’t go to the gym.

I didn’t drink enough water.

I am now very fat and overweight.

It’s my responsibility to do something about it!

I need to loose this weight.

I need to be healthy.

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Weight loss

Yesterday if you read my posts you would already know so I’m sorry for repeating myself.

I had a blood transfusion yesterday and now I have a bit more energy and motivation to get up and loos the weight I’ve put on in the last few months.

I’m not going to lie I have been drinking alcohol and eating really unhealthy foods, so the weight gain is completely from the choices I’ve made.

So I’m trying to make more positive choices. I thought if I’m honest with my online community I might be more honest with myself about what I’m eating. Especially if I get changed on to clozapine. (Which is well know to have weight gain as a side effect.)

Okay. Here goes…. this is my weight. I’m so embarrassed. 😩

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Hang in there.

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Weightloss plan.

I want to loose a stone. I need to put so much effort in. I will do this.

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62 days until I want to reach my goal weight.

So I’ve got 62 days which in my head doesn’t sound a lot it makes me think about every little choice I’m making about food and drink.

Current I’m in an acute mental health ward, after completely loosing touch with life. I will admit now that I’m on the right medication I can see how things are and it’s pretty scary. I’m sectioned under section 2 of the mental health act. I still have 16 days on my section, but I’m hoping I will have my tribunal really soon so I can get out of here.

I’ve learnt my lesson don’t stop or mess around with medication.

Anyway back to the weight loss plan…

Well I don’t really have one. I don’t know what I should do, should I follow my own diet plan? Or something like slimming world, I really have no idea.

Any help appreciated.

What I do know I’m going to do.

  • Medication correctly everyday,
  • Caffeine products,
  • Low kcal or no kcal drinks,
  • Drink at least two litres everyday,
  • Aim 10, 000 steps a day, which is difficult in a small ward,
  • I’m not aiming to starve myself, but I know I need to eat less than I burn,
  • When I get out of here gym three times a week,
  • Try to eat as healthy as possible,
  • Weigh myself once a week I think Fridays.

Any other suggestions please help me, I’m aiming to loose a lot of weight.

Mental health

Hey followers, I need your help?

Hey, hope your well? 

Do you have any ideas of tag and catagories I could/should use? I need help want to reach more people. My posts are realated to mental health, and cats. 
Keep fighting. Xxxx

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It’s at a gain, the weight is going up and down everyday day, I haven’t really got a set weight at the moment. 

I think if I stop messing around with medication things and my weight will settle down. 

I don’t want to be fat again. 

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Where’s my motivation. 

I’ve got an event that I want to feel and look good for at the weekend, but I can’t find any motivation to carry on loosing weight and toning up. Im so messed up with which day it is, it’s so confusion. I know at the weekend I will feel horrible and so annoyed with myself, but I’m going whether I like it or not. I’ve been busy yesterday and I think I wore myself out. 

I need to get up and get moving. 

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Good balance. 

As you may be able to tell from some of my other posts I’m trying my best to loose weight, and at the beginning of my weight loss journey 3 months ago I’ve lost 2 stone. But at the beginning all I was focasing on was not eating, and little exercise, yes I lost a bit of weight but I also put it back in when I started to eat again. So attempt two was to eat healthy and exercise I’ve always found this difficult in the past because it was a chore, and I could never stick to it.but this time I’m so determined I’ve stuck to it and the results are so worth it it, I reward myself when I do something that was a bit of a challenge and I completed it. I did some research about when exercise burns sugars and carbohydrates, and then when it starts burning fat and keeps the metabolic rate burning for the next 18hours. It’s quite complicated to work out but you can do it on a webpage. I no longer hate the idea of going to the gym or exercising, at first I didn’t think I was loosing weight fast enough but it’s started to show after a few weeks of hard work. 

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Weightloss or fitness which is more important…

I’ve been concentrating on weight loss for the last few months but in a matter of fact it’s a love for fitness which has helped me loose the weight. It’s. Even a real motivator. I actually look forward to getting up And heading to the gym or doing my daily amount of steps. The old and new shoes. Having rewards that aren’t food is a massive goal to aim for.