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Is this good for my mental health living back at my family home.

I’ve moved to my family home for a while while the lock down is on.

I feel lonely at my flat, I was struggling with my mental health and to keep myself safe but, at my parents I feel just as bad but sometimes worse sometimes better. But either way right now there is no good choice.

I’m struggling so much with

  • disorder eating thoughts,
  • anxiety,
  • ocd thoughts,
  • the voices, although Gods talking to me is reassuring,
  • Suicidal thoughts,
  • self harm.

I’m struggling with a lot.

I’m not sure what to do to help.

I’ve tried…

  • Sticking to healthy eating,
  • Drinking less alcohol, although I find sometimes drinking alcohol helps,
  • Using things in my self soothe box,
  • Calling the mental health team,
  • Using the prn I was given,
  • Using cbd oil,
  • Relaxation playlist on Spotify,
  • Podcasts on relaxation and breathing,
  • Yoga

Is there anything else I can try, I’m seriously struggling and and help would be appreciated?

What I need to do while I’m at my parents is…

  • Ignore the negative comments,
  • Ignore the negative behaviour,
  • Ignore the sarcastic comments and faces,
  • Ignore the attention seeking behaviour from others around me.

Things will be tough while I’m here but it’s ok, it won’t be forever, I need to remember that.

I can survive this rough patch.

I need to breathe.
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Thank you! 400 followers!

blogger Mental health mental health blogger

Comments and likes mean so much to me!

It makes me feel like I’m not fighting this battle alone!

Thank you to all of you!

My blog means so much to me and the fact that you all take time out of your day to show you stop to look at my blog posts means the world to me!

Thank you again!!!!!!!!

Thank you, yesterday was a good day for views!

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It may not be much to some people but to me it means aloe and I’m not in this struggle alone.

Let’s talk about mental health. Don’t hide away.

I’m proud of you all.

keep up the struggle.

Here if you you need some support.

Mental health

Hey followers, I need your help?

Hey, hope your well? 

Do you have any ideas of tag and catagories I could/should use? I need help want to reach more people. My posts are realated to mental health, and cats. 
Keep fighting. Xxxx

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I have now officially hit the 1000th post on my blog!

My blog has been with me through some years and some really tough times. 

I will continue to blog regularly, thank you to all my followers and people that read my posts. Love to you all!

YEY… 1000th post! 

Mental health

1000 likes, thank you. 

Today I received 1,000 likes on my blog. To me this is amazing. 

I set up this blog up to vent and help people but my blog is so much more it’s helping me with my recovery and connecting me with people similar to me and with similar illnesses/ problems, which is an opportunity I wouldn’t have without my blog. It’s one of the best things I’ve done. 

Thank you for your support!