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Great British Valentine card charity!

Sign up if you up for making a card for someone then feel free to sign up!

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Why am I alone…

My family never speak to me unless I call them first.

I feel alone because they don’t call.

I don’t see friends and only speak to them when they message me on Facebook, and then it’s just a quick hello.

Why do i bother.

I don’t think I will bother from now on.

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Update on Friend coming over.

It went really well. We talked and drank and ate. It was amazing,

The only thing is I can’t remember the night or getting in bed,

I love her being a friend. We both got matching rings. Which I love,

I hope she knows how much I love you and can connect with you.


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Old friend

I haven’t see this friend in years and now she wants to stay at mine. I’m so scare what should I do.

When we were friends I was anorexic and now Im over weight. I haven’t sent her since we were in school, which was 4 years ago, and she left to go back to Manchester, and I wasn’t able to get to say good bye. I hated and that’s why i so worried about seeing her.

I know that she isn’t a judgmental but im more worried that i dont know what to wear. She suggested we could go to down clubbing, i havent been clubbing. How do i do this.

Help me. What should i do?

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Why I left Facebook?

Why do I use Facebook?

To keep up to date with family, news and to update people on my life… but why?

I don’t talk to anyone on there, I’m never invited to things and people don’t care about my life.

If I write something wrong my sister blocks me, so instead of getting upset about it, I’m taking myself away. I’m choosing to not get worked up about meaningless rubbish.

No one knew it was my birthday this year because I took it off facebook, only like five people remembered and said happy birthday, that’s was mainly just my immediate family. It just proves what I think about Facebook it’s a calendar to remind people of birthdays.

I also use it to see what’s for sale, but I really don’t have the money, and don’t need it.

It’s a time waster, I’m using that time I’d be on Facebook to get things done.

Too me It really does more harm than good.

So for now, until I change my mind, good bye Facebook. 👋