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Things I’m looking forward to after lock down ends.

This lock down is playing havoc with my mental and physical health.

I’m struggling so much with everything. The every day little things are becoming so hard.

So when this lock down is over, I’m looking forward to…

  • Seeing my family,
  • Spending time with my niece,
  • Meeting this guy I’m talking too,
  • Shopping trips without worry,
  • Summer round my parents,
  • family bbq
  • going back to yoga
  • Starting work
  • Going to creative writing,
  • Swimming,
  • Visits to the beach,

Am I think I will appreciate these moments much more than I did before all of this.

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Book from my childhood. – forever friends.

My mum found this hid away. It was one of the most important and memorable books from my past.

It’s so amazing that I now have it, I can read it as much as I like and bring back those happy memories.

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Quote, “a goal should scare you a little and excite you a lot.”

This quote was said to me by my carer, I think it sums up a goal completely. 

My present goals are around weight loss, 


Gaining skills to help me back in to work. 

These two do scare me but definitely excite me. I can do it. 

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Ok, im not happy with how things are so what am i going to change?

Things im not happy with…

  • My weight, i weigh to much i want to loos about two stone, and ive been trying a lot recently but it just doesn’t seem to be moving, its staying roughly the same. I will drink more water as i havent been drink any. I will still keep up the exercise and might try to be a little more active. And i will make more of an effort to log the calories im eating and burning, i need help to loose weight as soon as possible. 
  • Medication, i dont feel that im getting enough support and help from my medication, it is planned to be upped and changed in the next few weeks so i will try to keep positive.
  • Extra medications and alcohol, need to stop them. It’s not good to keep changing things i need to try and keep things more stable.
  • See my friends and family more. I keep myself to myself and hardly see any one from my family or friends, i want to change this, and i know this will be really hard because im so anxious and scared all the time, but hopefully i ca work on this. 
  • There are things that are going to happen this year which im worried about but cant change. What i can change is how i choose to deal with them and how to cope. I need to try and see the positives in the events that are going to happen and try to be as supportive and helpful as posssibble. I dont want people to think i am being selfish or not thoughtful but i know i will struggle. I’m going to try to be on top of things and celebrate these events with my family.
  • Therapy, im not sure whether to keep going i want to because i find it helpful but its a lot of money and time, and it is very emotionally draining and i struggle to cope after wards, because i dont know what to do with these feelings. 
  • Look after my flat more, it looks nice when it’s clean and tidy, so i need to try to do this. 
  • Be more creative,
  • Brush  and play with cats more,
  • Stop focusing on the suicidal thoughts, voices and negative feelings, i know this is so easy to say but i will try,
  • Be more active on my blog.