31 day blog challenge Mental health

Day 5- Thing I’m most grateful for

There’s loads I’m grateful for, but to pick one is going to be so hard.

I think I’m most grateful that I got to kiss my nan goodbye, that was so scary as I was very young but I’m really grateful I got the opportunity. Sleep peacefully nan.

I’m also so grateful that my carer helps me with everything, literally there’s not much he won’t give advice for or help me with. Thank you. My life is getting better day by day. Thank you.

Mental health

Why I left Facebook?

Why do I use Facebook?

To keep up to date with family, news and to update people on my life… but why?

I don’t talk to anyone on there, I’m never invited to things and people don’t care about my life.

If I write something wrong my sister blocks me, so instead of getting upset about it, I’m taking myself away. I’m choosing to not get worked up about meaningless rubbish.

No one knew it was my birthday this year because I took it off facebook, only like five people remembered and said happy birthday, that’s was mainly just my immediate family. It just proves what I think about Facebook it’s a calendar to remind people of birthdays.

I also use it to see what’s for sale, but I really don’t have the money, and don’t need it.

It’s a time waster, I’m using that time I’d be on Facebook to get things done.

Too me It really does more harm than good.

So for now, until I change my mind, good bye Facebook. 👋