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What am I grateful for today?

Ive been feeling a little low over the last few days, but it won’t last things will get better!

I’m grateful for…

  • My cats, they always cheer me up,
  • That my bathroom light came, I can finally have light at night,
  • And I received a sheet from what would have been the Easter spiritual service, and received the beautiful cross in the picture.

I’m adjusting to life and having to have a good think about what I want for life!

I know that I’d like to be happy, I’m looking forward to my job starting so excited, I’m excited about meeting this guy I’ve been talking too when the lock down is over, and I’m looking forward to seeing my family altogether!

Received in the post today from my chaplain.

Tough times don’t last but tough people do!

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Pj alpaca/ llamas

My mum brought these for me. I’m so great full she put in a lot of effort to buy me something I’d love.

Thank you mummy.

Mummy I love you.


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Day 5- Thing I’m most grateful for

There’s loads I’m grateful for, but to pick one is going to be so hard.

I think I’m most grateful that I got to kiss my nan goodbye, that was so scary as I was very young but I’m really grateful I got the opportunity. Sleep peacefully nan.

I’m also so grateful that my carer helps me with everything, literally there’s not much he won’t give advice for or help me with. Thank you. My life is getting better day by day. Thank you.

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I dont deserve this.

I know i complain alot and i look on the bad side of life most of the time, but im so grateful. I have a family, i have some where to stay, beautiful pets, and an amazing carer. I dont always think of these good things. But yesterday proved to me that i need to start being more positive. I received some beautiful gifts and card. I was so over whelmed with love and care. I felt so special and i also felt guilty. I guess i dont feel like i deserve good things which is so difficult. I’m so grateful for my life and i am grateful for all the miracles in my and others lives.