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Can I trust my scales?

I got on my scales and every time I get on them they say something different. Literally it change each time, between half a stone!!!! 

Yer I’m serious I got on and was gob smacked, It said had “lost” 7lbs, that’s half a stone. Then I got off and on again with them in the same position and it went up and down. Completely changing each time! 

I want to get some new scales, any suggestions on the best/ accurate ones? 

I’ve got dial ones and electronic ones. 

Are ones that do your fat measurement any good? 

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Weightloss challenge update…

I’ve got 10 days and I’m down 1 pound already, but 6 more to go. I know it’s going to be a challenge and I know I’ve got to put a lot more effort in to reach my goal. Today I’m going to try my best to burn as much calories as possible.