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Things haven’t been going to plan!!!

I’ve now currently been on section 2 in an acute psychiatric ward for three weeks, leaving the ward once to go on escorted leave with staff.

Yesterday I got some good news that I’ve been waiting months for… my dbs check is done and it means I’m a Step closer to starting the job, that’s if they still want me! I really hope they do it’s my dream job.

I need to start focusing on the positives not just the negatives.

On Thursday I have a discharge meeting in ward round with my care co. So hopefully I can be discharged on Thursday although I doubt it as they don’t like discharging at the end of the week but my section runs out a week today. So I hope something gets sorted quickly!

I’m having some really unusual dreams at the moment.

I’ve decided I’m going to stick with having the depot haloperidol as it works for me and I need to be well for work.

I don’t know if you can tell but I’m quite excited about this as I’ve been waiting months…

Only down side is I’ve lost my driving license for 3 months. :/ so I will have to figure a different way to get to work if it starts before then.

I think things are going to be ok, I really do!

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First week on haloperidol.

I’ve had a blip of depression which I finally think I’m coming out of!

  • I’m struggling with motivation.
  • Feeling tired.
  • Not any noticeable weight gain.
  • No changes in the voices or the scary faces and spiders I keep seeing!
  • I’ve had an increase in my anxiety, I’m on 6mg diazepam daily at the moment!

Nearly week 2 on haloperidol,

  • I’ve had moments of extreme energy and anxiety!
  • I’ve been pretty hyper.

But in my opinion it’s been the best antipsychotic I’ve been on in terms of less side effects!

I am starting to think it’s a placebo, it’s not really helping too much?

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First haloperidol medication!

I feel so anxious, I think from reading everything that people have said about it!

I think it’s been ok so far it’s been an hour!

I’m scared!

Will it be ok?