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I’m brave!!!!!!!!!

Good bye to all extra medication, and harming things!

I’m brave

I’ve got this!

I can do this!

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Don’t judge by clothes or scars

I went in to a subway restaurant while I was away on holiday in the uk. You might ask why is she telling me this… well there was a lady serving us with lots of scars on her arms. I immediately wanted to give her a hug and tell her how brave she is. But why should I treat her any different.

I was judging her they could be scars from something unrelated to mental health.

Moral to me don’t judge people by there cover.

But if you are struggling with mental health issues or self harm, keep fighting I’m proud of you. Your so brave. I’m here for you.

Sending hugs your way. Xxx

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I’m struggling to live. 

Things are really tough at the moment. 

I feel so alone and scared. It’s hurting me. I feel my heart falling apart and my body failing me. 

I wish my family wanted me and cared about me. 

I’m struggling to keep myself from ending it all. I’m not sure if that’s me being brave, or me being stupid. Would it be better too fly away quickly and painlessly. 

I’m sorry for going on and lack of posts but my life is falling apart right in front of me. 

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Fighting the urge

I want to harm, really badly. I want to harm and take loads of medication and/or alcohol. The only thing is i want to go for a drive later, and do things that would be classed as normal if i do, swimming. Im hoping if i can keep my thoughts under control and try not to harm. I need to try my best to ignore the voices, they are really controlling to me. I wish i felt a bit more in control. I’ve taken some medication which is helping. But the spyders are back ally. There every where. I’m not safe. The birds gone. Where?

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My cat is amazing.

I was harming and my gorgeous cat came along and push his head in the way. He stopped me,made me cuddle him and rethink about harming, I love him. He is so clever.