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I’m disgusting, I’ve put loads of weight on! 

I hate myself so much right now! 

I don’t deserve to get anything that I wanted, or had planned too. So that food shop I was planning is not going to happen. 

I need to be punished for this weight gain. I need to tell myself it’s not acceptable. I deserve to suffer, I need to exercise as much as I can, and not eat! 

I do not deserve the luxury of food, I’ve got enough fat on my body to survive for years. 

I’m so angry at myself, I really can’t think of where the weight had come from. I don’t go to the toilet regularly, which could contribute a bit, I wouldn’t say it’s water weight as I didn’t drink water yesterday.  Is it because of my medication being upped, is it not enough exercise, I need answers?

I’m so angry and annoyed I need to be punished. I will make sure I get the pain I deserve. 


I know my weight is horrible! Help me loose weight, please? 

anorexia Anxiety Food Health healthy Mental health Over weight Overweight Weight weight gain weight loss weightloss

I hate myself.

I’m so fat and ugly. I’m not who I want to be. I don’t look how I want too. I’m not where I want to be in my life. I think I’m so far away from who I wish I was that I feel I can’t get there. 

I ate some cereal, I hate myself for that. I ate it on my own accord! That is not acceptable to me. I’m going to have to burn it off. I was hungry and for the moment of eating it I wasn’t thinking about the weight I want to loose and how I’m going to loose that. But as soon as I was nearly finished panic set in, and realisation that I just ate that food, I logged it in MyFitnessPal and I logged more than I ate, so that I can make sure I burn it off and more. 

I’m going to start a book with inspiration to keep fighting to loose weight. I need to have clear rules of what I can eat and what I need to do. 

Do I believe the scales or what I think I see in the mirror.