Mental health spying Voices

Help me…

I’m struggling today, I’m not really sure where to turn.

Help me…

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The Spying Spider is back

This is a photo in Took from my window in the mental health unit. It just proves that they are spying on me. I’m always scare and this is the reason why…

They are always spying on me. I dont feel safe from the one place i should. The mental health hospital just down the road

Please save me.

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I’m more than my illnesses.

Yes I'm ill both physically and mentally, but I have a life away from this.

Everyday. When I wake up, I can't help but think that I don't want to live another day with the symptoms, mainly the voices, anxiety, and dizziness are the ones that effect me the most.

Today I'm trying to focus on things I do that aren't related to my illnesses.

I'm spending time with my cats and they are getting a present today, will post a picture later.

I've spoke to my family. I've had a tidy up, I'm going to continue to do blog posts, watching some things that wasn't illness related.

Even though I'm trying really hard to not think about my illnesses or give in to them, The voices are trying their best to get my full attention.

I don't know if I can do this, my life has just been built around the illnesses! I want to be more than them but I don't know how.

Any advice or tips?