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Beach time!

beach holiday Mental health

What a beautiful sight!

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Sea view

beach Mental health

Went away but I’m back now!

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Arrived on holiday

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Beautiful beach

We’ve arrived on holiday.

I’m with my mum, dad, youngest sister and her friend.

The journey wasn’t too bad. I’m getting on so well with them all so far.

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I’m off on holiday with my family

This was a few days ago but I forgot too post.

I decided I was going on holiday with my family.

I had a good time but I will do a summary later to try and keep all these posts in order.

family Mental health

Negatives and positives about going away with family…


  • time away
  • Time with family
  • Beach
  • Be away where no one knows where I am
  • get out of the flat
  • I was actually invited from my family, very rare!
  • Improve family relationship


  • Self harm scars
  • Going to the toilet
  • Being left out
  • Being away from home, cats and carer,
  • won’t be getting away from my problems
  • Feel unsettled
  • Still have to deal with voices
  • Out of comfort zone
Anxiety family Mental health self harm

What do I do?

My mum asked if I wanted to go away with her my dad and youngest sister for a few days.

I really wanted too….


Now she has said my little sisters friend is coming.

So that makes 5 people in a camper miles away from home, my carer and my cats.

I’m most worried about feeling poorly due to stopping my medication, being left out or them seeing the cuts.

What do I do?

They used to say they gave up inviting me to things because I would never go. It would be so nice to spend quality time with them.

31 day blog challenge Alcohol Mental health

Day 27- Something I’m looking forward to next year, And Something you regret from last year?

Next year I’m looking forward too possibly going on a holiday to Iceland. It looks so beautiful and amazing things to see, I hope I do go with my carer. I think it would be a holiday of a life time.

I regret starting to drink alcohol again. Big mistake. I’ve got to loose all the weight I gained with it all over again.

What are you looking forward to for next year?