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Friday 13th update. 🐓 🦙

This is my chicken I caught and named.

Today I stepped things up a notch.

I drove to anormal therapy. That’s the first time, so I went from support worker taking me then carer, then taxi then bus now I’m free to drive myself there!

Little steps all count. It all adds up to positive changes.

I’m quite proud of myself if I’m honest.

My dad said he was proud of me too, that meant so much too me!

Recovery is worth it, things are going well but of course there are tough times but I can do this. I know I can!

💫 I’m going to do this! 💫

Alpaca 🦙 from therapy!
Mental health

New challenge!

I’ve gone up town. I’m so scared!

I’m challenging myself on so many levels, I’m planning on going to a creative writing group, I’m out in my own!

I’m so scared it’s unbelievable!

But I’ve also got a drink, in public! This is a massive challenge for me!

Skinny latte.

Having food and drink in public is a massive challenge for me! But I’m trying!

Anxiety Mental health

I’m on my way… to see p!nk

I’m so anxious.

I keep going to faint not sure why, but the ones I think it’s to do with…

Dehydration, blood pressure, medication, but most of all ANXIETY!

But I can do this, I know I will regret it if I don’t go.

If I faint, I faint, not much I can do about that.

God Mental health

The sanctuary.

I look forward to these meetings each week.

It’s a religious based service.

Always brings me comfort. although it’s at the mental health hospital. That alone brings its own challenges me.

But …


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Moment of madness

I’ve been terrified for months, about being spied on so I put newspaper up at the windows so no one could see in or out. I felt safe, I’ve just taken some of it down. I’ve put my barriers down, I feel vulnerable, but I feel it’s a huge step in trying to get my life as back to normal as possible.