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Celebrating a Year out of hospital nearly landed me a night in hospital

I was celebrating a year out of inpatient hospital stays, by visiting the beach but… I tripped over a wall nearly straight into the sea. My carer saved me by centre meters. But I’ve really hurt my foot. Photo I took of the sea.

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I celebrated my 25th birthday in the hot tub with my cousin and my dad. It chucked it down with rain, but that didn’t stop us, having a drink and toasted the minute I turned 25.

Since turning 25, a few weeks ago, it’s been very eventful,

  • I’ve been in hospital,
  • Had a blood transfusion,
  • Went up town alone,
  • Family had a go at me,
  • Seen my care co ordinator once,
  • Seen my support worker,
  • Started my weight loss journey.

Here are my resolutions…

i did it Mental health

Went out today.

I was discharged from hospital yesterday after two units of blood.

I feel I’ve got more energy and I wang to make the most of that.

So today I saw my support worker, then went up to my local town with my baby Dylan.

I was scared, I had headphones in with low music, I was trying to focus on the songs not the public and the voices telling me I was in danger.

I did it. It was really hard and scary but I DID IT.

Feeling hopeful.

Beautiful glass on my window. But today I went outside of my window. I was brave.

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I did it…

So waking up today on the day after turning 25, was a low morning, but my carer and I decided to do something.

We went in to London to do the shrek adventure, it was a really good time, not only did I deal with a train, underground and a day out in London, I also had an amazing time.

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Got past my weight goal in time. 

I have 16 days left and I’ve reached my first goal. 

Hit my goal of 9:6 stone, 133lbs, 60.3kg.

Still a while to go but I’ve lost 3 and a 1/2 stone since I started in August 2016. 

In 8 months I’ve lost 3:7 stone. I think that something to be proud of.