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I had sepsis and didn’t know.

It started with left chest pain,

Then they thought it was a blood clot due to my D Dimmer blood levels being raised, so I had a blood thinning injection and sent home for a ct scan the next day.

But four hours later, I was being sick, shaking, and running a temperature over 40

I was rushed by ambulance to my nearest a&e.

My blood pressure was so low, sometimes it was so low it couldn’t be read.

I had seven litres of fluid, after 13 attempts of getting a cannula in.

Ideas on 3 antibiotics most intravenous. Through my vein.

It took a while but I slowly started to pick up. My blood pressure came back a bit more normal, and my temperature when to a normal temperature.

I was discharged three days later!

There were no indications that I knew of that I had sepsis. But I nearly died and I’m still here.

Widen your knowledge about sepsis about 40% of people with it die! I wasn’t one of them thanks to the quick work of the nhs and my family!

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Is this low blood pressure and High pulse anything to worry about?

I’m worried I’m feeling so unwell.

Is this blood pressure too low?

Is my pulse too high?

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Thank you for giving blood, you saved mine and my sisters life.

Giving blood is so important to saving lives, you never know when you or a relative is going to need it to save lives.

Your a hero if you give blood, it’s live saving. That makes you a hero in my eyes.

At 2 my sister was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. (Cancer.) and a blood transfusion saved her many times. So a massive thank you to you!

I’ve also needed a few blood transfusions and without them I wouldn’t be here right now writing this blog post. I thank you from my heart for saving my life.

Even though at times I’ve wanted to die, I’m still 100% grateful for you saving my life. I only had my first blood transfusion under a section, and really resisted it, but it made a massive impact to how I physically felt and then my mental health got better.

I had one a few days ago, and this has made me think about all the hero’s out there. I know I can’t give blood myself but I’m motivated to fundraise for charities and help others in any other way I can.

Im hoping that, that’s my last blood transfusion and I can help others in any possible way.

Don’t worry if you can’t give blood you can still be a hero, there are many other ways to save life’s, fundraising, donating to charity, volunteers, working on research or working for charity’s that fund research.