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Liquid diet

I haven’t eaten in over 50 hours. After being sick from a bug, it was the perfect solution to wanting to lose weight. I think it was God sign and answer to my prayers.

I did allow myself to a home made smoothie. So I decided I will be on a liquid diet until I’ve reached a good amount of weight loss.

I’m feeling weak so not exercising as much as I should.

I’m drink plenty of fluid.

I’m keeping my medication the same.

Any advice on a liquid diet?

Haven’t really done one before.

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I can’t do it!

It’s so hard, eating. I feel incredibly guilty and fat, I hate myself.

I’m struggling with solid foods or liquid calories. I’m physically struggling to swallow solid foods, and mentally struggling to drink, drinks with calories. I wish I could drink alcohol with out the guilt, calories and gain benefits.

I wish I could live of Diet Coke. Zero calories, and it dehydrates.