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Meal out

Food Mental health wedding

Wedding meal.

Starter, aromatic duck.

Main, chicken with ham, and vegetables.

pudding, lemon custard with shortcake.


Was so nice!

Food Mental health

My meal to celebrate finishing my medication titration.

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Invited to dinner with my family.

My dad texted me inviting me to a meal with them, this is just how things are now, I don’t feel welcome around there without an invite.

It brightened my day he even came and picked me up. Had a lovely time with them.

I haven’t had a roast since last Christmas, so 10 months. I really enjoyed it and dad was happy to see a clean plate from me, as the times I’ve eaten over there I’ve either been in the grips of anorexia or thinking my food has been poisoned.

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Pride in my appearance 

Today I’m going to my sisters award ceremony, and I hadn’t really decided up until now that I was going to go. I’ve had to dress up nice which I find difficult because, I’m normally in the same clothes for weeks, without washing or brushing my hair. But today I’ve got changed in to a dress and straighten my hair. I feel okay, I guess as okay as I ever will. It’s way out of my comfort zone and that adds a lot of pressure. It’s just for today I need to keep telling myself I won’t feel uncomfortable for ever. I can leave when I want too.