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Medication change. Any experiences?

On Monday my medication is changing. its changing from 500 mg of clozapine to 800mg of quetiapine. i’ve been on quetiapine before but never come of clozapine as well.

They are hoping to do it with in 8 weeks.

For this time i have to stay at the locale mental health day hospital. i hate it there and everyone is telling me they think i will go in to crisis, this is scaring me and making me anxious and i don’t want to  be admitted to the ward and or sectioned. This not going to end well but i need my medication changed. i’m hoping it will help with weight loss and my bad thoughts. i think things are already getting bad, am i the only one who can understand how i feel.

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Got the go ahead. Starting Clozapine.

I just got the call I was waiting for!

I’m starting clozapine.

I’m anxious as my quetiapine is going down and so is my diazepam. I think that’s a big mistake. I’m already having muscle spasms because of going down on diazepam months ago.

But the start of clozapine is hopefully going to be life changing. I’m hoping it will help me with symptoms and this enable me to get my life of track.

I am scared, hopefully I won’t put too much weight on.

I plan to blog about my clozapine experience.

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Sectioned day five 23 to go? 

I had Ward round yesterday, didn’t go as planned I was 100% hopeful I was going to be discharged. I was on level three someone with me at all times. I went in to the ward round believeing I was going home because all the staff that had been me told me I could probably go home. So going in there and coming out with better medication plan, and a plan to possibly someleave if my level two goes okay, so now I’m only checked every 15 minutes, but honestly they don’t keep to that they do it when ever they want roughly around once an hour. So I finally have Privacy to go to the toilet,  it’s seriously a luxury.

It will only take one stone to fall and destroy all current progress.