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Polly pocket.

Can you believe it found this is a stash of old toys!

Mental health

Book from my childhood. – forever friends.

My mum found this hid away. It was one of the most important and memorable books from my past.

It’s so amazing that I now have it, I can read it as much as I like and bring back those happy memories.

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I’m constantly getting confused about what’s going on and scared of the things I’m seeing and hearing, I asked if someone I trust very much if they can see or hear it and he said no. I trust him, but the things I keep seeing and hearing are so real, it’s scary. I’m hoping I can gain a bit of control back so I’m not so anxious. They cause me a lot of anxiety, as I can’t predict what will happen next. At the moment I’m struggling to remember the littlest of things, I forget things so quickly and easiely, it’s worrying I always thought I was good at remembering information but at the moment I’m not.