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Where’s my motivation. 

I’ve got an event that I want to feel and look good for at the weekend, but I can’t find any motivation to carry on loosing weight and toning up. Im so messed up with which day it is, it’s so confusion. I know at the weekend I will feel horrible and so annoyed with myself, but I’m going whether I like it or not. I’ve been busy yesterday and I think I wore myself out. 

I need to get up and get moving. 

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Weightloss or fitness which is more important…

I’ve been concentrating on weight loss for the last few months but in a matter of fact it’s a love for fitness which has helped me loose the weight. It’s. Even a real motivator. I actually look forward to getting up And heading to the gym or doing my daily amount of steps. The old and new shoes. Having rewards that aren’t food is a massive goal to aim for.