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P!nk your amazing!

Picture of p!nk in Wembley on the 29th June 2019

Mental health Music

P!nk your concert was amazing!

P!nks concert was the best I’ve ever been too.

Mental health Music

P!nk was amazing!

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P!nk 29th June 2019

I was terrified about going to p!nks concert.

I suffer from really bad anxiety and panic in large crowds.

But I’ve wanted to see p!nk live for as long as I can remember.

This was an amazing concert and I enjoyed it so much.

One of the best experiences of my life.

These photos were p!nk flying around the arena!

P!nk you were AMAZING!!

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Concert tonight?

I terrified as well as bursting with excitement.

I’m going to a concert tonight and it’s to see p!nk.

I find it hard to leave my flat on mosts days and I’m now going to a massive concert. There will be thousands of people there.

Am I worried about being hurt?

YES! I’m terrified. I’m concerned mainly about two things. I do not want to be hurt or killed, and I do not want to be captured by my care team and be locked away where they can collect my DNA.

I’m hoping I will accept this risk and still go to the concert. I’ve always wanted to see p!nk live. I’ve heard she is one of the best. I also love her songs.

I really hope I don’t let my anxieties and fears stop me.

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OMG! I love p!nks new album.

I love most of p!nks songs, I love her new album. The song courage and happy I think relate to me so much!

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Day 19- Meaningful song

I have a lot of meaningful songs. Music is constantly helping me. I listen to music so much. I have songs that represent the time or life I’m living. They all have deeper meanings for me.

But currently one song that is meaningful and inspiring is “I am here” by pink.

It talks about being here and asking the bigger question “where do we go, when we go” to me this means when we die where do we go. This is an important question to me as I hope and pray when I die I can be reunited with my nan and meet my brother. I hope this place is heaven.

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Went out today.

I was discharged from hospital yesterday after two units of blood.

I feel I’ve got more energy and I wang to make the most of that.

So today I saw my support worker, then went up to my local town with my baby Dylan.

I was scared, I had headphones in with low music, I was trying to focus on the songs not the public and the voices telling me I was in danger.

I did it. It was really hard and scary but I DID IT.

Feeling hopeful.

Beautiful glass on my window. But today I went outside of my window. I was brave.

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There’s nothing better than music so loud you can’t hear your thoughts.

Music is helping to influence my feelings, I’ve made s playlist of the songs that I like and that are making me feel good.

It’s helpful when it’s so loud, pumping through your body, that’s when I feel.

Yes I know it’s 10 am here in the uk but that’s not stopping my music pumping in the car.


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Hey followers, I need your help?

Hey, hope your well? 

Do you have any ideas of tag and catagories I could/should use? I need help want to reach more people. My posts are realated to mental health, and cats. 
Keep fighting. Xxxx