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To all the mothers out there.

There are mums who can no longer hold there children, or pets who are still mums. Happy Mother’sDay to you all.

Happy Mother’s Day to those here or looking down from above, to those special dads who are both mum and dad and to all the fur baby (pets) Mummy’s.

Massive love and hug to all those Mummy’s.

Special happy Mother’s day to my mum who I will see later and give you a big hug. Thank you for being there for me through the good and bad times. You never gave up on me even when I put you through hell. I love you mummy.


Sending love to heaven to my nan that, I never got long enough with you here on earth.

My Mother’s Day card from cats and baby Dylan.

31 day blog challenge Mental health

Day 5- Thing I’m most grateful for

There’s loads I’m grateful for, but to pick one is going to be so hard.

I think I’m most grateful that I got to kiss my nan goodbye, that was so scary as I was very young but I’m really grateful I got the opportunity. Sleep peacefully nan.

I’m also so grateful that my carer helps me with everything, literally there’s not much he won’t give advice for or help me with. Thank you. My life is getting better day by day. Thank you.

Mental health

Went on a walk yesterday and found this…

Went for a walk and I found a £1, and a feather. 

The feather was more important as I read a quote before I found it, saying that “if you see a feather a love one who has passed on is thinking of you”.

 I feel it’s from my brother and Nan because I’ve really been struggling these last few weeks, and today I’ve woke up and I feel so much better. I’m so greatful for thier help.